Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching


designed and facilitated by Christine Bilotti-Peterson 

Are you stuck? Not sure how to achieve your Personal goals?
still trying to figure out a healthy eating plan?
not sure what makes you happy anymore?

You’ll discover your best healthy eating plan…

Daily routine and fitness plan to level up your life! Options include Keto, Macro, Low Carb and Carb Cycling.

In this program, we will leverage the 6 Elements of Wellness to help you:

Think Bigger - We'll work together to aim higher and set personal goals with an action plan to achieve them

Stay on Track - Stick to the plan with the support and accountability of a coach.

Own Your Time - Create a daily routine to manage your time intentionally and effectively

Feel Better - Choose an eating plan that fits your lifestyle and fuels you toward achieving your goals

Get Energized - Take your fitness and exercise to the next level so you feel strong enough to conquer anything

Be Happier - Incorporate mindfulness and joy into your daily life and watch the impact it has on your life and those around you

Meet Your Wellness Coaches

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For 20+ years, Christine has coached executives and other high performers to reach high performance and their full potential. As a professional, a mom a wife and a friend, Christine has managed multiple priorities including a very full time job, 4 kids (including triplet boys, now 10 years old), losing herself, and then finding herself again through seeking healthy goals, a workout and daily routine and finding her passions.

She now lives that happy authentic life and seeks to help you find yours again!


Susan McMann became a personal trainer, certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, in 2013 after recognizing the impact that gaining weight had on her life, marching into a boot camp class and tackling her own physical transformation.

Seeing the difference that determination, exercise and a balanced diet had on her own life and happiness, Susan knew she wanted to help others break the same cycle she had felt caught in. She now coaches people to take care of themselves, create actionable plans and stay on track to achieve their goals.


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12-Week Program

Virtual sessions every other week including teachable moments, tips and Q&A.