Time Management Quiz

Whether you are a corporate executive, parent, entrepreneur, student or fall into many of these categories, it’s time to talk TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS!

How good are you at Time Management? I bet some of you already know the answer.

☐Yes   ☐No I have clear personal goals for 2019?

☐Yes    ☐No I like to be organized and know what I am doing and when I’m doing it.

☐Yes    ☐No I know what I am doing next Wednesday at 3pm.

☐Yes    ☐No I usually arrive on time or early for events or appointments.

☐Yes    ☐No I have a daily routine that I normally follow.

☐Yes    ☐No I prioritize and delegate often.

☐Yes    ☐No I create to do lists and refer back to them to cross things off the list.

☐Yes    ☐No I know the time of day when I am most productive.

☐Yes    ☐No I have boundaries for social media and phone usage.


Give yourself 5 points for every yes and 0 points for any no answers.

40+ Great at time management

20-35 OK at time management

15 or < need some help and focus on time management