A Common Interview Mistake to Avoid

Often when applying or interviewing for a job, people are unsure if they want the position.  They have lots of questions: Is this job going to meet my top criteria? Am I going to like working for this new boss?  What is the culture like?  Tell me about a typical workday?  How much am I going to get paid?  What are the benefits like?  

What they forget is, You always need to start by selling yourself and exhibiting passion about the opportunity.  You want them to know how great of a choice you are.  

Once you move into the power position (they really want you now) that’s when you can ask more questions, share how flexible you are about location, start talking compensation and benefits.  If you try to switch to this mode before the recruiter, hiring manager, and company is ready-it will put you at a disadvantage.  

There have been so many times in my career that I have seen this play out.  The candidate isn’t sure they want it, but they come in for the interview anyway.  Then they spend time asking lots of questions rather than sharing their experience, background and special skills that the company would love to have.  At the end of the conversations, the applicants realize they really want the job-however the company and hiring manager were not impressed by  them because they didn’t come across enthusiastic and they hardly spoke about their background and experience.  So now,  the candidate  really wants this opportunity (it’s a great fit for me!)…but the company says thanks but no thanks.  Lesson: Wait until you entered the power position to ask all of your questions.

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