Empower Your Graduate for Success with Our

Career Kickstarter Toolkit


Career kickstarter toolkit

An introductory session, a Hogan Assessment and debrief, 2 private 1 hour coaching sessions with Christine. She will help them define their personal and professional goals and educate on their next level of emotional intelligence to catapult their career trajectory .

Cost $347


GRADUATE’S career kickstarter toolkit

What is the best gift for your graduate? Your graduate doesn’t need another portfolio, briefcase or pen…what they need is a catapult to their career. How about setting them up for lifelong success?  Provide them with personal and career coaching. Starting with a Hogan Assessment-the science of personality. This assessment forecast the strengths and values most important to the individual and also identifies what this individual’s inclination behaviors are under stress, fatigue or boredom. By understanding these traits, Christine can equip the graduate with tools helping them reach their highest performing levels both personally or professionally by leveraging their strengths, incorporating their values into their lives more intentionally and understanding what tools to leverage when under stress. In the two coaching sessions, Christine will help them sort their long and short term goals and then and action plan to deliver… Can you afford to let them skip this one final class? Below are some of the topics we will tackle:

What are your future goals?

What is your dream job?

What type of hobbies do you have and how do you incorporate your passions into your future?

How do you land your first job?

How do you negotiate a proper salary?

How much apartment can you afford?

How do you pay all of the bills?

How do you manage life now that your schedule revolves around a 9 to 5?

Do you take some time off to go and travel?