Don’t Spend valuable time looking for plans or strategies that “Might” work for you


Program Focus


Action Planning

Personal Branding

LinkedIn & Resume Review


Interview & Negotiation

Through a proven coaching program, we’ll work together to create an action plan based on your unique combination of experience, strengths and motivators.

Your program will be customized based on your specific needs and goals, but our Career Transition Model provides an outline for the type of work we will do together to make your next role your best role, whether you're going to do the same job at another company, launch a business or completely change career paths.

Career Transition Model

Step 1: Updating resume and LinkedIn profile

Step 2: The Hogan Assessment

Step 3: Find the bullseye of your job search, including key criteria like type and level of role, compensation, geography and type of company 

Step 4: Research for networking with your target search list

Step 5: Networking guidance and approach:
Tell your story; Increase your network

Step 6: Interviewing-Guidance on mock interviews; interview prep; debriefs after your interview. Hone your message and build your brand

Step 7: Offer Negotiation, compensation program tips and executive onboarding assistance



The Hogan assessment helps you understand the components that make up your unique leadership style and how that style impacts your effectiveness and ultimately your success and that of others. It also provides key insights into the types of environments in which you will thrive.

Through a 90-minute Hogan debrief, you will gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, development areas, and values- coming away armed with tools to leverage your assets, more deeply connect to what drives you and create strategies to overcome behavior that can get in the way of success.